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100 Percent Traffic – Can You Afford To Buy Leads

Thursday August 8th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Partly Cloudy and 95 F


I wrote yesterday about the three ways you can get leads. You can BUY
them, BORROW them, or CREATE them.

You buy leads when you pay cash for PPC ads, traffic or solo ads. You
borrow leads when you joint venture with other marketers or offer
affiliate programs and commissions. You create them when you make
Facebook posts, Twitter, chat rooms, and online forums to build one
on one relationships with prospects.


In an ideal world, you would strive to use all three. They all are
valid sources of leads. Which you will focus on depends more on the
level your Internet business is at.

Most people start creating leads because that is low cost. It is a
great area to grow from, but the focus needs to be on GROWING. This is
the Internet Marketing greenhouse. A place to grow until you can face
the elements of the wild world of marketing. You do not want to rely on
creating leads as your ONLY source of leads in the longer term because
it is simply not scalable.

You only have 24 hours in every day and creating leads takes time. To
create a full-time business, you need dozens of signups a day. Creating
those would take more hours than you have.

In tomorrow’s email, I will let you in on what you need to move from
creating your leads to the bold world of buying and borrowing leads too.

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100 Percent Traffic – 3 Ways To Generate Leads

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Cloudy Periods and 93 F


Want new leads for your online business? There are three ways to get
more leads for your marketing funnels. You can BUY, BORROW, or CREATE

Let me explain:

1. BUY

You buy leads when you buy traffic, banner ads, Google PPC, Facebook
ads, solo emails. You are paying money for people to see your pitch.
Your pitch can be in your banner, or text ad, or on the splash or
squeeze page of your website.

Buying leads is the FASTEST way to build a list and get traffic.
Obviously, you need some money to invest. Anyone can buy traffic and
the conversion rate of that traffic is where you focus your energy.
You are tweaking the ads and the landing pages to convert the highest
percentage of visitors possible


You borrow leads when you run an affiliate program or joint venture
(JV). Someone else is using their marketing influence to send
people to sign up to your website or marketing funnel.

This traffic typically converts at a higher rate than “cold” traffic
because they have been “warmed up” by the person sending the visitors.

This is a difficult traffic source for beginners because you need to
have something to offer your JV partner in exchange. This is usually
reserved for those with their own sites and products. It can be quite
expensive because of the high level of commissions expected in most
markets (50-100%).


You create leads when you put your own effort into generating them.
This is usually what many marketers and site owners call “Going Social”.
Chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, forum sniping, all fall into this

You are going out to these sites to increase your authority, increase
your brand, and build relationships. You could even consider surfing
or clicking email links to earn credits would be creating leads since
you are not paying for that traffic with cash.

Which of these methods are you using to generate leads for your online

Watch your email tomorrow so we can discuss which of these methods is
best for the stage you are at in your online business!

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100 Percent Traffic – My Latest Test Proves …

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Thunderstorms and 93 F


My test this weekend proves that traffic exchanges work!

So many people are always saying that traffic exchanges don’t get
signups and sales. I have over 300,000 members who signed up for
my programs from traffic exchanges!

I love to run tests, so this weekend I did a little test to prove that
the right offer will get results in traffic exchanges.

You see, the key to traffic exchange success is your page and your
offer. The page has to be unique and the offer solid, preferably
for a free signup. TE members love to signup for free stuff!

I put a page promoting Ed Dale’s new launch of his MagCast product into
WebBizInder and TopTierTraffic as the Site of the Day for the last three

Results … 25 signups in 3 days.

If you were promoting your list, wouldn’t you like to get 25 new
subscribers every 3 days?

Why did the page work?

First, it was unique. It isn’t a page that you normally see in
traffic exchanges. That got people’s attention.

Second, the story in the video was interesting and compelling.

Third, the offer was irresistable. Lots of learning for a free signup.
I always recommend Ed’s stuff. He gives away more for free than is in
most paid programs. You can blame his program “Always Be Shipping” for
a few of my new sites this year! You have to love an Aussie.

Ed Dale Digital Publishing Link

The offer was free, but now Ed can deliver lots of content and try to
get those 25 people to signup for his new product when it launches.

If you aren’t getting the results you want from traffic exchanges,
then chances are that the problem is your offer. Make it free and
make it compelling and you will get results.

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100 Percent Traffic – Simple Way to Get Credits

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Partly Cloudy and 94 F


I can’t wait to show you all the new things going on at every one of
my sites this week. I will have to wait a day longer though because
first I need to finish last week.

Here are the final winners for Thursday and Friday link contest.
I chose 10 winners everyday last week who had linked their accounts
between HotListMailer and 100 Percent Traffic.

600 Universal Credits:
96 – Graham Fielding
109 – Ronald Kent
252 – Myra P
291 – Terrence Hopkins
616 – Andy Flogan
642 – Barbara Walker
785 – Garry Smith
1617 – Matt Torey
1682 – Velma Wray
1851 – Ferenc Onodi
2280 – Leesa Heathman
2397 – Geoffrey Reason
2709 – kurnia im
2969 – Rick Gronczewski
3125 – Luis Narvaez
3190 – Ken Waggerby
3203 – Lorraine McNeil Darby
3216 – M John Hickey
3229 – Brian Nelson
3255 – Lovetra Sullivant

If your name was not on the list, there is still a way to get a
enough credits to email 2,000 Members tomorrow morning.

Just make sure that you have joined HotListMailer and that you have
linked your account from 100 Percent Traffic. Everyone with their
100 Percent Traffic account linked will get an email tomorrow
morning from me with a link worth 200 Universal Credits at 100
Percent Traffic!

HotListMailer Link

Sounds like a great way to start the week! Especially since
HotListMailer is the # 1 ranked safelist!

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100 Percent Traffic – Let Me Help You Get Started

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Scattered Clouds and 95 F


Your job is not to determine “IF” you can achieve your goals, it is
just to find out “HOW”.

Don’t spend too much time second guessing whether you CAN accomplish
your goals and not enough time trying to figure out HOW. The key is in
the how.

That is where most people get stuck. How do you do it?

Start with the basics and work your way from there.

You NEED to get to the point where the majority of your marketing time
and effort is being spent on getting people to subscribe to YOUR list.

To do that is a hurdle for many people because they just don’t know
where to start and it can be complicated to get the system going.

Next week, I am starting a special series of free training to help
you get started with this important step. I will break it down
into the crucial elements and teach you how to get started.

My goal is to help you get the the next level in your growth as an
online entrepreneur! Watch for the links in a future email.

Thanks for your support.


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100 Percent Traffic – Last Day to Win 6,000 Member Emails

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Partly Cloudy and 95 F


We have been running this special contest all week with our newest site
HotListMailer. You don’t have to click links or surf pages in order
to get into the drawing. All you have to do is to link your account
at 100 Percent Traffic to your Dashboard in HotListMailer.

Each night at midnight, I pick 10 members from each of my sites who
have their accounts linked and give them enough credits to email
6,000 members at that site.

Why 6,000 members? Simply because the whole contest is to celebrate
and thank members for being so responsive that 6 of our sites were
in the top 20 Safelist Rankings last week! Almost 1 in 3 top sites!

I have been selecting the 10 winners every night right after midnight
and then putting them all in a blog post and that day’s emails. What
that means is little sleep for Matthew, so now I am doing them with
a day’s delay. So, with no further ado, here are Wednesday’s winners!

132 – Thea Penders
207 – Atte Kollanus
732 – Sharon Gibson
957 – Kermit Hopson
1432 – Putcha
1682 – Velma Wray
2057 – joe woods
3107 – Joe Golson
3207 – Anthony Tesso
3257 – Rob

Congratulations to the winners. Today will be the last day for this
contest, so make sure that your 100 Percent Traffic account is linked
to your HotListMailer account!

Don’t see the benefit of HotListMailer? Take a look at the background
image on the new splash page I made tonight … it says it all!

HotListMailer Splash Page Link

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100 Percent Traffic – Is Your Lab Coat Ironed?

Thursday August 1st, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Partly Cloudy and 95 F


Are you a mad scientist? Do you envision marketers wearing lab coats?

If not, then you are missing out the real nature of successful marketing.

Marketers conduct experiments everyday, just like scientists. Our
marketing experiments are the key to finding what works and generates
the results that we are looking for.

The core of the marketing experiments is the Split Test. In a Split Test,
you generally make two versions of a page, with only one thing different
from one version to the other. That is your variable.

You then send equal traffic to both versions of the page and track the
results. Which page has the higher conversion rate? Find out and you
have your winner! This is also called A-B Testing.

You can try a whole variety of different variables, but only one at
a time. You have to isolate what factor is causing an increase or
decrease in conversions.

You can use these test to determine the best headlines, background colors,
signup buttons, layout, video vs. text. You name it! You should
constantly be testing ideas to try to increase your results.

I am conducting a split test right now on two versions of a new animated
video splash page for HotListMailer. If you look at the two pages below,
you will see that the only difference between them is that one version
of the video is music only and the other is narrated. Everything else
is identical. Over the next week, I will drive 100,000 or so visitors
to the pages and then I will know which one converts better. That will
be a lesson learned and on to the next experiment!

HotListMailer Splash Page Link – Music Only

HotListMailer Splash Page Link – Narrated

If you are a member of HotListMailer, both of these splash pages are
available for your promotions in the member’s area.

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100 Percent Traffic – Another 10 Winners – Plus a Personal One Too

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Cloudy Periods and 93 F


I am always preaching about the benefits of single-minded focus in
accomplishing your goals. I also have made my views clear about
the negative value of most television and especially the “news”.

However, maybe I am a bit out of touch. :-)

I just found out tonight that one of my cousins was the winning
contestant on the “Big Brother Canada” television show … two
months ago! Boy, I am slack sometimes.

Congratulations to Jillian MacLaughlin! Better late than never!

One of my members had to tell me a month ago that another cousin,
Ryan Graves, was drafted in the 2013 NHL Draft. Maybe I do need
to get out more.

However, you get the benefits of my single-minded focus!

I just got the list of winners from yesterday’s contest! Each of
these members won enough credits to email 6,000 members!

279 – Barbara Chapman
384 – Stephen Painter
628 – Richard Colon
1014 – Gilbert Cabral
1399 – Margot Lawrence
1714 – Hans Rudolf Brand
3114 – Jesse Morris Jr
3184 – Egon Iversen
3219 – Team Destiny
3254 – jae

If you weren’t on the list, then you have another chance to win
today. Just make sure that your 100 Percent Traffic account is
linked to your Dashboard in HotListMailer. That’s it!

10 More Winners Tomorrow! Just link your account!

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100 Percent Traffic – Link and Win

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Partly Cloudy and 95 F


We had a great contest yesterday to celebrate 6 of our sites placing in
the top 20 Safelist Rankings. I was going to give 6 winners enough
credits to email 6,000 members, but I decided to increase it to 10
winners instead.

Here they are:
77 – Dennis Morstad
1089 – Diane
1401 – Willet Holdman
1558 – Fran Watson
1559 – Ed Lawton
1714 – Brand HansRudolf
3039 – christine thake
3041 – nguyen van phuong
3196 – Allan Sylvia, Jr.
3197 – Bernd Braun

I also decided to extend the contest for the entire week!

Every day this week, I will pick 10 winners at random from all the members
who have linked their 100 Percent Traffic account to our new site HotListMailer.
Each winner will get enough credits at 100 Percent Traffic to email 6,000

Just log into HotListMailer and make sure that your stats from
100 Percent Traffic are showing up on your Dashboard page!

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100 Percent Traffic – A Smoking Debut

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Orlando, Florida
Partly Cloudy and 93 F


We had an amazing result across the board in Ron Holcomb’s safelist
rankings yesterday.

6 sites in the top 20!

#2 – TopTierMailer
#6 – SplashPageSurfer
#10 – HotListMailer
#11 – 100 Percent Traffic
#12 – TopTierTraffic
#19 – 100 Percent Mailer

Notice that HotListMailer has debuted on the list at #10 after only
having the mailer live for less than 48 hours.

All 6 of these sites can be emailed in a single step using the new
SPEEDMailer at HotListMailer.

To celebrate such a fantastic responsive membership, each of these
6 sites will be having a contest today. I am giving away 6 prizes
of enough credits to email 6,000 members at each site.

All you need to do to enter the drawing is make sure your account
is linked to HotListMailer. Log into your account at HotListMailer
and click the Dashboard tab. If you see your stats from this site,
then you are in the draw for 100 Percent Traffic’s prizes.

Link your accounts from all the sites to get entered into each of
their drawings! 6 ways to win!

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